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Friday, May 20 was the last day of school here in Jefferson, GA. As my daughter and I drove home, we came across a three car auto accident that obviously had just happened, as no emergency services were on scene yet. I shuddered, and I was instantly reminded of the fatal accident that happened back in November near that very corner, where the two Trimble boys, Alex and William lost their lives. If you remember we raised emergency funds for the Trimble family, who tragically lost their only sons.

As we inched past the accident I was relieved to see everyone standing nearby, seemingly ok, but held my breath as we pulled directly alongside the center vehicle. I looked over, and so did my daughter. There in the front seat was a teenager, slumped over unconscious. That was Jordyn Ellen Engelberg. My heart sank.

As sirens wailed we continued home shaken. I spent the next few hours trying to find out who that beautiful girl was. I knew in my heart we needed to help. Especially after I found out that Jordyn is a Jefferson High School graduating Senior. Then I found out that Jordyn and William Trimble were the closest of friends and that Jordyn was the last friend to see William and Alex before their fatal accident. The coincidence was heart wrenching. Jordyn and William were supposed to graduate that night, instead, 18-year-old Jordyn lies in the hospital in critical condition. She is in a coma, with a broken pelvis and torn bladder. Doctors performed surgery to relieve pressure on her brain but the next 72 hours are critical.

Jordyn is a super smart, creative, loving and well-rounded honors student who was preparing to go to college in Michigan to pursue a degree in Advertising. She is adored by her family, friends, and teachers, especially best friend BriAnna and boyfriend Kyle, who hand delivered Jordyn's diploma to her bedside.

Yesterday afternoon I received a call from William and Alex Trimble’s father Bill. He said he and his wife Yvonne were eager to spearhead fundraising for Jordyn and her family. After losing their sons just 7 months ago, they know the fear and dread Jordyn’s parents feel, and want to help. They want Jordyn to fight and so do we.

Please help us raise flash funds for Jordyn and her family, so her parents can stay by her side. Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations will help them tackle the out of pocket expenses that come from a critically ill child with an unknown prognosis who will need months of rehab. Please help our close-knit community support another one of their bright lights as she heals and makes her way back to all of us.  Also, please follow Jordyn's road to recovery by liking Jordyn Engelberg Updates on Facebook. 
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