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** On July 9th, our co-founder and president, Kaete Nazaroff, celebrates her birthday and to honor her unwavering dedication to Ride to Give, we are asking the Ride to Give Army to commit to a monthly tax-deductible donation to Ride to Give in support of ongoing programming and smaller cause requests. **

Ride to Give is a 501c3 (tax ID 46-2952297) non-profit charity with the mission of turning athletic ability into fundraising power for families with children who are disabled, injured, or ill. Based in Jefferson, GA, an hour outside of Atlanta, RTG was founded by Kaete Nazaroff and her husband, sixteen-time Ironman Dave Nazaroff. In the summer of 2013, Dave completed the first ever "Ride to Give", a solo cycling journey from their former home in Nyack, NY to Jefferson, GA (over 900 miles by bicycle) in 5 days to raise awareness and donations for the family of a toddler who suffered a traumatic brain injury in fall of 2012.

That first Ride sparked a giving revolution and forever changed the course of Kaete and Dave's lives.

Over the past four years, Ride to Give has helped over 100 families and raised close to 2 million dollars in support of the children who need us most. We have made a real difference, but there is a limit to what we can do. Since we began in the spring of 2013, we have received thousands of requests asking for our assistance. We at Ride to Give are committed to helping as many families as we can but to do this, we need your continued support and generosity.  

For Kaete's Birthday Week, Ride to Give is launching our first annual "Happy Birthday, Kaete Monthly Donations Drive." Our goal over the coming days is to get at least 4800 members of the Ride to Give  Army to commit to a recurring monthly tax-deductible donation.  When you donate and commit to a monthly reoccurring donation, you will join a small but dedicated group and become a proud member of the “RTG 33%.” 

At the time you make your donation, you must check the box under your contribution amount to indicate you will contribute this amount monthly. This will make the amount you donate a monthly reoccurring donation.  Your donation can be anything from $2 upward and will be run on the same day each month that you made your original donation.

Our motto is “Give a little, Change a lot.” A monthly commitment, even as seemingly small like $2, will change the lives of children who need specialized medical equipment, service dogs, special needs transportation, and other out of pocket costs related to having a medically fragile child. Sadly, there is a huge need for groups like Ride to Give because so many “necessities” are not covered by insurance, but we cannot do what we do without the continued generosity of the RTGA.

Please help us build a stronger financial base so we can reach the goals for our featured cause faster, increase the number of children we can support annually and continue to help children behind the scenes without an official fundraiser. It is very simple… if 4800 members of the RTGA donate just $2 every month that is $10,560 ever four weeks. By this time next year, we will have raised an impressive $126,720, all honoring Kaete!

Just think how many families that would support?

Contributions are solicited with the understanding that the donee organization (Ride to Give, 501c3 tax ID 46-2952297) has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.  Questions about how your donation is used can be answered by clicking here.  Please visit Ride to Give on the web at www.ridetogive.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ridetogive.



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