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On Saturday, November, 5th, 5 members of Team Ride to Give will participate in Ironman Florida on behalf of 3-year-old Elijah Murray who is currently trying to get to St. Louis Children's Hospital for specialized treatment at the Center for Foot Disorders to help correct his severely clubbed feet.  Below is his story... 

“Hi, I'm Eli. I live with a woman named Mommy, a man named Daddy and something called a teenager named sissy. My sissy has something called cerebral palsy. Sometimes she’s hard to understand, and she’s not the most graceful. But she reads to me and plays with me and changes my diaper, and I think she’s the best thing ever. There is also a large furry creature named (a dog) Chasey and a smaller furry thing (a cat) named Anna that lives with us. When I was in my mommy’s belly they could see that my feet were clubbed, I had build-up in my kidneys, and there was something wrong with my heart, but they weren’t sure what. They found out when I was born that I had a piece of my heart growing to form a ring around the inside of my throat where I breathe and swallow. Because of all these things they sent me to a nice Dr called a geneticist who counted all my chromosomes. Apparently, I’m missing a piece of my 22nd one. Have you seen it? I guess I lost it in mommy’s belly. Anyway, I get to see all kinds of neat people; I have 9 doctors who look after me, 3 therapists, a case manager, and all kinds of nurses. I’ve had surgery on my feet and heart surgery. I will likely need more surgeries to fix more things…. I don’t understand it all so I’ll let mommy write some.

Hi, I’m Mae, AKA mommy. I was a single mom for 10 years to my daughter who has cerebral palsy. She always wanted a little brother, but I told her it likely wasn’t to be. Then I met and married my husband, Sean, and we decided to try even though I probably wasn’t going to get pregnant due to some medical issues. It only took six months, and I became pregnant. I knew in my heart I was having a boy from the moment I found out. My pregnancy was difficult; I was sick all nine months, had kidney stones and needed to have an operation. We found out at the week 20 ultrasound that our baby Eli would have many medical needs. It turns out that he has a genetic disorder called 22q11.2 deletion syndrome. (Also known as DiGeorge, VCFS and a myriad of other names) We found this out very early as we were sent to genetics early on due to all of Eli’s issues. This will mean lifelong issues for Eli. 22q ranges in its effects and though symptoms are similar no 22q child is the same. Therefore we need to test for a lot of problems.

So far Eli has the following diagnosis:

-Double aortic arch ( vascular ring) repaired April 18th, 2014

-Bilateral clubbed feet (three surgeries, casting, and AFOs)

-Three different types of hernias (wait and see)

-Clogged right tear duct of eye (resolved)

-Hydronephrosis (resolved)

-Small thymus- Means he’ll have a poor immune system.

-Dilated Aortic Root(wait and see)

Before having Eli, I was a full-time social worker. Since having Eli, I lost my job due to all his appointments and now I am blessed to be his full-time mommy.”

When Ride to Give heard Eil's story we knew we had to help get him to St. Louis Children's Hospital to meet with Dr. Dobbs, a renowned Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery, who specializes in the Ponseti Method of clubfoot correction. Since the Murray's live in Maine, their health insurance will not cover Eli's treatment in St. Louis. As a family with two special needs children, money is tight. Sean works as many hours as he can to keep their finances together, sadly leaving little left over for out of state medical treatment. Haven House in St. Louis has offered to help with discounted lodging, and there are a few options for inexpensive of free airfare, but the cost of Eli's treatment will be $16,000 OUT OF POCKET. This is the best option for permanently correcting Eil's feet, and the Murray's are desperate to give their son the opportunity to walk without pain and run like a "typical" 3-year-old. Please help us support Eli's medical journey to St. Louisexpenses making a tax-deductible donation to Ride to Give. 

For updates, please follow Eli's Facebook page Eli's Journey.

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