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I am a teacher in Haralson County and the single adoptive parent of three awesome kids. Through a number of circumstances, we have some needs you can help us meet.  Our biggest need is for a ramp to our front porch. There are six steps that I have fallen down with my younger son more than once. Benjamin is 71/2 and somewhat big for his age. He has cerebral palsy and some other diagnosis. He is, at this point unable to walk independently, but we are working on it. Right now, I have to carry him up and down, regardless of the weather or slipperiness. He could develop independence and self-confidence by being able to use his chair or walker to come in and out.
Another real need is that the part of the house that is my older son's and my daughter's bedrooms and bathroom is an addition to the back of the original house. It is open underneath and every year, the first time the temperature dips below freezing, the pipes freeze and burst, no matter what I do to try to prevent it. They currently do not have water in that part of the house. I want to close in underneath it to keep the wind out, before fixing the pipes, AGAIN.
A third thing is in that bathroom. My daughter had an accident and fell in the bathtub a while back. She hit the faucet and broke it off. The tub also leaks around the drain. We are currently sharing the bathroom in my younger son's room. That would not be too bad, except for his needs. He requires tube feeding and a place to take care of the necessities for that. He is doing well with using the potty, but, because of his disabilities, takes longer than usual to coordinate muscles to use the bathroom. He has to sit for a while sometimes. We really need to be able to have the water back on in the other part of the house and that bathtub fixed.
The area that is the addition also has some rotting boards that need to be replaced and the house (it is log) needs to be re-stained/treated.
I would love to be able to take care of these needs myself, but, teaching in one of the lowest paid counties, being a single parent of three that require a lot appointments and travel, we live pay-check to pay-check. I do not know what you might be able to do to help, but we appreciate anything. We could help pay back by doing what we can as volunteers.
Thank you so much for all you do!
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