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In spring 2018, Maureen McGarry Porette was diagnosed with stage three aggressive breast cancer. Fiercely independent, Maureen has had to learn to ask for help and right now most of all she needs financial peace of mind as she fights cancer.




To all who know her, Maureen is one of the strongest most courageous women we know. She is a fierce friend, a loving mother, a passionate spouse, and a social justice warrior. But Maureen is also vulnerable, open-hearted, and not one to hide her feelings.  

When she was first diagnosed with stage three aggressive breath cancer, Maureen had a choice... wallow in her diagnosis or rally the troops and take cancer head on like she has done for most things in her life.  It was a no-brainer for her to share news and called upon her amazing support system.


"Well...where do I begin.

If you asked my parents, they'd say I've been battling since age 3!

I was always the kid who stuck up for others and worried about my little friends when I lay in bed at night.

As an adult...I have battled for neglected children, victims of violence, those suffering from addiction, the hungry, the environment and my LGBTQ and Black brothers and sisters.

My most recent battle, in attempting to bring change to our County, was one of my biggest to date.

But now, I am beginning the battle of my lifetime, and quite possibly my life.

Today I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductile Carcinoma, breast cancer.

I am good, honestly.
I am strong.
And I am a kick-ass broad who will beat this.

Asking for your prayers, light, love and good intentions.

I am a blessed woman and love each and every one of my friends, family, colleagues, and supporters.


A Meal Train was set up by Annmarie Uhl to take away the burden of feeding her large family which has been incredible. The days filled up quickly, and there was a call to do more for Maureen, so we reached out, and Maureen graciously accepted this fundraiser. After spending nine months campaigning to become Rockland County's FRIST ever female County Executive, Maureen had just started to get back to booking legal clients when she was diagnosed. Taking time off for countless doctor visits and to recover from chemotherapy has put a huge strain on their family finances. 

Friends, family, colleges, and associates... please make a tax-deductible donation in support of Maureen and her amazing family.  The more financial peace of mind we can offer, the more she can focus on healing.  

Here it is in a nutshell... 

Unfortunately, Moe has cancer. 

She's done a lot for everyone and now needs OUR help. 

A County-wide campaign followed immediately by a cancer diagnosis has put Moe in a "tad" of a financial crisis. 

She is the sole practitioner meaning when she can't work due to appointments or chemo or needs to stay away from germs, there is NO income. 

The first four rounds of super strong chemotherapy are kicking her ass, and we ask that you help any way you can. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity as well as your healing prayers. 

Yours, The Friends and Family of Maureen 








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