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Giving back to the community, in some form or another, has always been important to me. It could be helping a neighbor or donating money to a good cause. In the case of my foot injury, albeit minor in the scheme of things, I have been lucky enough to have friends and neighbors jump in to lend me a hand. Included in these neighbors is Dave and Kaete Nazaroff.

You may not recognize their name or Ride to Give (which is the charity organization they founded), but you may recall the reason they did. A short time ago, a toddler by the name of Tripp Halstead was struck by a falling branch while playing at his daycare resulting in a severe brain injury and a drastic change in lifestyle for his family. To find out more about the story, I would like to encourage you to research it online by searching for Ride to Give, Team Boom, or Tripp Halstead.

One way to say thanks to the friends that helped me, was for me to give back so that others could benefit. The Nazaroffs and Ride to Give has inspired my recovery. To help others, I have committed to train hard and complete a 100 mile bike race in July 2017…and that’s only the beginning. I will push myself to complete an Ironman.

Ride to Give ensures that 80% OF DONATIONS ACTUALLY GO DIRECTLY TO THE CAUSE.  AMAZING.  So I ask you…please…before you make your next donation, before you buy a box of cookies, or if you have just a couple bucks to spare, “Give a Little, Change A lot”, support a family in need. I’ll be busting my butt to help raise awareness and spread the word. Besides, seeing an old fat motorcycle mechanic pedaling a bicycle for 100 miles or competing in an Iron-man Triathlon is worth a few bucks isn’t it? Haha.


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